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Neuroscience and the leader

We all have not one but several selves, and several self-esteems, and it is in part the job of the coach to enable the coaching client to raise their awareness of their range of selves rather than of one self. Self-esteem varies according to context and we have several self-esteems alongside our several selves. The coach can play a valuable role in working with the coaching client to uncover and manage those self-esteems.

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The path to authentic leadership

An authentic leader is true to himself or herself, who therefore engenders trust, who leverages the potential of diversity, and who is able to manage with integrity the tensions between their own agenda and that of their organisation. The first and most fundamental step on this path is the journey towards self-awareness.

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The authentic leader

We all deliver our best by being who we are – and for most of us that means learning how to become who we are. Leaders who accept and embrace their authenticity often find both personal peace and an energy and focus that means they leverage their strengths with courage and assertiveness and empower their teams to deliver authentically too.

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Partnering with Ferri Montana

LWL is partnering with Ferri Montana Ltd, a niche consulting practice focusing on organisational development.

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Leaders in the firing line: on integrity, commitment and passion

I’m privileged to be coaching UNICEF leaders again. They need a challenging blend of mastery of people skills, diplomatic skills, technical skills, knowledge, vision, initiative, adaptability, resilience and endurance. Stress levels are high, and the most basic resources in their environments are often lacking. Their integrity and their passion for their cause – the promotion and defence of children’s rights, survival, security and protection – are dazzling and humbling. It’s unbelievably inspiring and energising to be working with them.

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