My commitment at LWL is to deliver coaching that is rigorous, professional and connected to who you are.  It is designed to facilitate the enhancement of your career and leadership development, at the pace and depth that is right for you.

If we are working together as part of a wider coaching programme delivered by LWL for your organisation, or if we find your specific needs may be better met by another member of the team, then I will be responsible for setting up your coaching programme and ensuring it meets the right quality standards.


Lasting change

My approach to executive coaching is developmental and transformational in its intent.  The work we do together is designed to develop and transform both how you see yourself as a leader and how you deliver as a leader, colleague and individual on your own career journey.  That’s to say, it will focus on your awareness of yourself and your systems.  It will change your inner sense of yourself as well as your outer performance and behaviour.  

Coaching is designed to be empowering and enabling for you, and is likely to fundamentally and positively change the impact you have on your team and your organisation.  

I use a wide range of coaching approaches in a purposeful way that allows you to make a lasting shift in your communication, relationships, decision-making and personal effectiveness.


Strong connection in a clear space

You will create these shifts through a process made possible by my creating a clear, safe space for you to work in.  A space where we can work with whatever issues you bring, however you bring them, with accepting, caring, and respectful coaching that is both supportive and challenging.  You won’t be judged or measured or evaluated, but you will be listened to and noticed – profoundly.  In the process of reflection you can discover insights that lead to new opportunities for your growth and development.

The coaching process is built on a trusting working partnership and a depth of connection that go beyond what’s happening on the surface so as to get right to heart of the matter.  You will find the coaching conversation flows naturally from the general to the specific and from the expression of difficulty or lack of clarity to its resolution.

Read more about the theory and foundations of my coaching here, about your coaching programme here and about what to expect here.



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