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Coaching sessions are typically face-to-face or by Skype or telephone, and a programme usually consists of 6 or 8 sessions at 3-weekly or monthly intervals.

Successful coaching depends on trust, honesty, openness and confidentiality.  Before we begin we will agree a contract for our coaching relationship. In this way we can be clear about the scope and terms of our relationship.

Whether you are an HR Director designing a coaching programme for your executive team, or a leader coming to LWL for your own programme of coaching, we always start by examining and describing your objective or set of objectives.

Two sets of objectives are agreed:

We also agree appropriate metrics alongside each objective to make sure we are clear about how their achievement will be recognised.

Our agreed objectives form the basis of a contract between us and provide the framework for your coaching programme.  They help make sure the programme stays on track and give a structure to assess whether the programme is achieving its purpose.  We will revisit them regularly during your coaching to ensure they remain valid, as we may find objectives are achieved or are no longer relevant as we progress.  With our agreed objectives to refer to we will also conduct a formal review half-way through your coaching programme and again at its end.

Evaluation of the outcomes is a critical part of all the programmes I and my team deliver. We offer a structured evaluation process which can include a range of interventions.

Evaluation is useful to help me assess the impact of my work and allows both you – and your organisation – to reflect on the benefits of the coaching programme and how you might develop your career and share the benefits with your teams and organisation.


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