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A coaching session is essentially a conversation.  As your coach I listen and ask questions designed to help you open up your thinking and find new perspectives.  I will also share what I notice in our sessions and I may reflect patterns I see in what you bring to your sessions.  I use a variety of techniques to move us forwards towards your objectives.  The coaching session is a creative space and we can explore different approaches to find ways of working that support you.

A large part of the value of coaching happens between sessions, and I will encourage you to reflect on your learning in writing between our sessions and decide how you want to apply it.  I will also encourage you to prepare your thoughts before each coaching session so you are clear about what you want to address in the session.  Typically in a session we will:

A session usually lasts between 90 and 120 minutes.

If this approach speaks to any of the issues you face, and you think coaching could support you in addressing your challenges, please get in touch.

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