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Making Culture Change Stick

On 10th May in London, our partner ANKLe (A New Kind of Leadership) is running a workshop entitled 'Making Culture Change Stick'. Participants will explore what they mean by culture change and will examine a range of new as well as tried and tested tools and techniques for managing and embedding culture change in organisations.

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Approaching the finishing line of the 30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge draws to a close. I've been challenged, supported, and held accountable, and I've gained some insights. I'm learning about blogging - and about topics I'd never anticipated - and I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying the blogging process. I'm on the alert for topics to blog about - and now that I'm blogging twice a week, I feel 'in the groove'. My next step is to ensure that my blog is read and to build a readership.

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My core message is ‘Connect’ – make relationships and nurture them. When people connect, they care enough to hear what’s going on for the other person without judging it, pre-empting, advising or interrupting: they just listen. Out of that apparently simple interaction new perspectives, insights and solutions can emerge.

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The other side of the development coin

A humorous short video on the perils implicit in development professionals 'knowing what's good for their clients'.

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The S-curve

The S curve, developed by Dr Peter Robertson, is a model of organisational development. To survive in the long-term, organisations need to jump from the stage of squeezing out efficiencies and closing down the old business model to starting again with designing a new future.

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