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Workshop on The Neuroscience of Wellbeing, Stress and Mindfulness

Tickets are sold out for the WittenbergEvans workshop on The Neuroscience of Wellbeing, Stress and Mindfulness in London on Thurs 19th June 2014

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Executive coaching for leadership and self-leadership

Amongst all learning interventions, the developmental and transformational style of the best executive coaching can equip the leader to deliver leadership that creates a better organisation – and, some would say, a better world - sustainably, with integrity and with authenticity.

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The Neuroscience of Wellbeing, Stress and Mindfulness

A workshop on ‘The Neuroscience of Wellbeing, Stress and Mindfulness’ will take place on Thursday, 19 June 2014 from 13:30 to 17:00 at the Gestalt Centre in London. It will interest coaches, trainers, consultants, HR professionals - indeed anyone who's managing, leading, facilitating or developing others, or providing a service. Neuroscience not only informs us how we - and others - tick, but it is also becoming increasingly recognised as a key tool in the development of high-impact leadership, employee engagement and the management of stress.

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Lessons from neuroscience for learning and performance

Leaders who know how to optimise the conditions for their own and their people’s learning are going to maximise their chances of success for themselves and their organisations. Senior people – indeed anyone thinking about their career development – who build in the search for working environments and a career path that will maximise their learning opportunities is likely to also maximise their chances of fulfilment and therefore success. And those working across cultures or in multicultural environments who know how to maximise harmony, minimise conflict, bring a curiosity for learning and an attitude of acceptance are also going to be those most likely to develop aligned, creative, productive teams and minimise wasted effort.

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