The end and the beginning


My article ‘The end and the beginning’ – Coaching at Work’s reflection column in the March/April issue – takes as its context the Buddhist wisdom that what the caterpillar perceives as the end, to the butterfly is just the beginning.  I consider my contrasting experience in working with, on the one hand, clients who have real energy for change, and, on the other, clients who resist change.  The former tend to have a resilience, curiosity and courage, while the latter are more likely to manifest stuckness, lack of confidence and fragility.

I need to avoid a simplistic response to both types of client – whether colluding with the enthusiast or moving too fast towards possibilities with the latter without adequately exploring their resistance to ending.  The ending of the caterpillar and the beginning of the butterfly need their own time and their own process: trying to hurry them risks damaging the transition or transformation process, whereas respecting them can bring peace and acceptance.

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