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Resilience and transition: an intimate connection

28th September 2015

The relevance of resilience to what can be the challenging process of transition is striking. Leaders have change imposed upon them through, for example, merger or acquisition, or they may be moving into new roles, to new organisations, new cultures, or new countries. During these transitions they need to rediscover their internal resources and call on (or build) fresh sources of resilience. The path to (re-)building resilience can be eased by written narrative and (re-)discovering purpose and meaning.

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'Surviving poor leadership': new article in Coaching at Work

25th September 2015

My article on my role as coach when I'm working with clients who have a very different concept of leadership from mine, or who are in organisations where the quality of leadership leaves something to be desired, has appeared in the Sept/Oct 2015 issue of Coaching at Work.

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Building organisational wellbeing

28th August 2015

A meaningful approach to organisational wellbeing will go significantly beyond tactics and process. Building and nurturing wellbeing has to be a way of being (albeit complemented by a set of actions) if it is to bring any significant results. It is part of the organisational culture – how people are with each other. Wellbeing is everyone’s issue: it is systemic.

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'Become the Leader You Are': review by Mark McMordie

26th August 2015

Mark McMordie, Director of Coaching at coaching company Coachmatch, reviews Lindsay's e-book 'Become the Leader You Are: Self-Leadership through Executive Coaching'

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'Under the Influence': new article in Coaching at Work

8th July 2015

My article on my own influence (and what happened when I found myself having an opinion rather than staying dispassionate) in coaching sessions has been published in the July/August 2015 issue of Coaching at Work magazine.

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Highly Commended in Coaching at Work awards

2nd July 2015

At Coaching at Work magazine's annual conference on 1st July 2015 Lindsay was awarded Highly Commended for Coaching at Work's award 2015 in the category Best Thought Leadership Article/Series.

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The challenge of leadership: what’s needed now?

31st May 2015

The recent Sadler Heath event 'What's Needed Now?' - focused on an 'exploration of listening for the right thing to do' - highlighted big themes for me in relation to the role of leadership, responsibility, dialogue, and connection with the system.

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Review of e-book 'Become the Leader You Are'

28th May 2015

In this review of the e-book by Lindsay Wittenberg - 'Become the leader You Are' - Dr Carole Pemberton, Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster Business School, comments that it is as valuable for coaches as it is for leaders. She remarks that In this short but impactful book Lindsay shows her passion for leadership and for coaching as a means by which leaders can learn to be more at ease in their leadership of themselves and others.

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Clear the Undergrowth: new article in Coaching at Work

29th April 2015

A client who had lost her role as a high-potential in dramatic circumstances may have needed counselling - but her coach realised that even more than this she needed some straightforward, practical career coaching. See Lindsay's article 'Clear the Undergrowth' in Coaching at Work

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Wellbeing: a direct impact on the bottom line

27th April 2015

Organisations with high levels of wellbeing retain their people and in many other ways too, profitability, efficiency and effectiveness increase as wellbeing increases. Positivity breeds positivity. A sense of purpose – which gives meaning to an organisation’s work and the work of its employees – is a critical factor in the building and sustaining of wellbeing.

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