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Identity, transition and transformation

What a caterpillar calls death a wise man calls a butterfly. The coaching client travels from their current identity, via transition, to their new identity, and the coach travels with them from their current meaning, via meaninglessness, to their new meaning, equipping them to move through uncertainty to a new identity. This is a journey of transformation. The client makes the change. The coach does not remove any part of them, but works with them so that they release more of their capabilities. As they add to their current identity, they enrich who they are.

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The Neuroscience of Gender

The next workshop in our series is entitled ‘The Neuroscience of Gender’. It will cover: the difference in structure between female and male brains; male and female brains might function differently; vidence for different skills and abilities in females and males; what works when you want to increase diversity. Book on the link at the end of this blog.

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Constellations: 'Lean back and learn' - article in Coaching at Work

My article 'Lean back and learn', just published in Coaching at Work, looks at the use of constellations in coaching. This approach demands both high-quality presence by the coach and the ability to step back and detach from intention. I've discovered that my detachment in constellation work can enable valuable illumination for the client

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