Article on coaching that's free of the coach's ego

My article on coaching that’s ego-free (or at least ‘ego-minimised’) is published in Coaching at Work magazine. There’s a relationship between my ability to be present as coach and the quality and sustainability of the outcomes that clients have achieved, especially when they’re under significant pressure. See the article here:

If you’re not a magazine subscriber request a copy of the article at

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3 thoughts on “Article on coaching that’s free of the coach’s ego

  1. Meg Peppin says:

    Hi Lindsay, I would love a copy of your article. Hope you have a great session this Thursday. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Megxx

  2. Frank Mason says:

    Hi Lindsay, I’d love to see your article, Thanks, Best Wishes, Frank

  3. Frank Mason says:

    Thanks Lindsay, excellent article and has served as a good reminder for me to watch the ego side and also trust my intuition and listening faculties more without worrying so much about ticking the coaching boxes (even the subtle ones), whilst as you say not ignoring holding the objectives in mind and ensuring the session has an outcome. Wonderful words of wisdom as ever… great work!

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