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When clients reach the end of their executive coaching programmes I conduct a formal review of the outcomes they’ve created compared with their coaching objectives and their sponsors’ objectives.

My clients have reported a wide range of benefits. Some they worked hard for, some came to them unexpectedly, but all made a significant difference to their performance and experience of leadership.

Here are some examples of what they say:

I keep in touch with clients after their coaching programmes have finished.  I am always interested to hear how their coaching has supported their careers, their experience of leadership and their enjoyment of being in their role, and I am curious to hear how they have sustained their coaching results.  They often let me know that the changes they enjoyed during and immediately after coaching have lasted and developed with time. Here are some examples of what clients have said between 6 months and 6 years after the end of their programmes:

If these benefits speak to your issues and you think coaching could support you in addressing the your leadership challenges, please get in touch.

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