coaching clients: the individuals

My coaching clients are bright, successful senior people – usually high level leaders including Chief Executive Officers, the C-suite, Board members and executives at one or two levels below the Board, or the organisational equivalent.

Leaders working at this level face particular leadership challenges, which include:

These challenges aren’t always expressed directly.  Sometimes leaders want to explore how to bring more of themselves into their role. Or they may want – or be required – to raise their performance level and that of their teams.  Sometimes they are looking for professional development or behavioural change, and are looking to lead with an authentic voice, or build resilience and confidence, or find greater focus and direction in their careers.

As well as those upping the ante, other leaders I coach may feel demotivated or stressed.  Some are tussling with work-life balance or are concerned by unsatisfactory working relationships and not knowing how to improve them.  They may be experiencing imposter syndrome or a sense of powerlessness.

But all those I coach have one thing in common. They want the opportunity to step back, and see more clearly what’s really going on for them and in their environments so they can create new options to take them to even greater success. 

If you would like to read more about my clients’ experience of coaching and the benefits they have enjoyed, take a look at their testimonials and their results.

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