internal: self-awareness and confidence

More than any other change, internal changes can be the most subtle, yet the most powerful.  Clients can experience these personal shifts in outlook as feeling liberated, fearless, empowered or calm as a result of their LWL coaching programmes.

One client, a global integration specialist, put it like this:

I felt so energised, so positive, so affirmed, and relieved of the burden of the doubts I had felt in the previous months.

Others report that they’ve achieved:

My coaching at LWL raises self-awareness and restores confidence by reconnecting you with your ‘real’ self. Together we get through the layers of coping that are between you and your natural vitality, creativity and effectiveness. Many past clients report new-found confidence as the source of an immediate and lasting step up in both their performance and working relationships.

I’m happier in myself and in my work, and I no longer feel an internal turmoil. I’m more proactive and brave – Senior Specialist Registrar, UK National Health Service

‘I’m more confident….I’m more willing to put myself out there and I’m taking more risks – Leader, UNICEF

‘I’m calmer and more resilient… I don’t get so stressed or upset… I’m loving this job now. I don’t have to see every step of my career: I know I can deal with whatever comes up  – Executive, FTSE100 company


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