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The seeds of my coaching career were first sown in my role in HR for Marks & Spencer plc and then as a careers counsellor in higher education.  I learnt through this early experience of working with managers and graduates that many of the challenges they faced in pursuing effectiveness and fulfilling career paths were more closely connected to their self-awareness and their perceptions than the knowledge or qualifications they had  accumulated.

I left higher education for Luxembourg, where I lived and worked for 13 years.  As a Linguistics graduate, I was already a French speaker, which made it easier to found, lead and develop the human rights pressure group – and its multinational team – that I ran for 12 years.  We connected with those in positions of influence to enable us to work effectively with parliamentarians and Ministers at national and European levels – and to make change happen.

Returning to the UK, this knowledge and experience of European politics and systems underpinned my leadership of others wanting to get their voices heard in Europe and to run European projects.  I launched a European business development consultancy and ran this successfully for 13 years.  I was also a Director of a talent management consultancy.

In 2003 I set up my executive coaching consultancy Lindsay Wittenberg Ltd – LWL.  I have been lucky enough to have worked with leaders from some of the UK’s and the world’s most influential organisations in business, public life and international development.  You can see more about the clients I have worked with here.

I am the creator of the Wittenberg Career Coaching Model and I am a coach with the Marketing Academy, which nurtures young marketing talent to become the leaders and of tomorrow, and enables the marketing leaders of today to become the CEOs of tomorrow.

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