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Executive coaching is a one-to-one confidential conversation.  It enables bespoke learning and development intended to enhance senior people’s effectiveness at work.  It’s arguably the most powerful form of learning possible because it’s both experiential and entirely tailored to the needs and experience of the coaching client within the systems they function in.

My executive coaching is both developmental (releasing potential) and transformational (bringing about shifts in behaviour and thinking).  My aim is that coaching outcomes last into the medium- and long-term for all my clients and provide a platform for ongoing change long after their coaching programmes have finished.

At the heart of my executive coaching is the quality of the relationship between the coaching client and me.  This is a relationship of trust, in which clients know they are deeply heard but not judged, and which allows the coaching to be both meaningful and impactful. As coach I have no vested interest in the outcomes, but I am deeply committed to my clients achieving the objectives they have set for themselves.

Coaching can and does relate to an almost infinite number of issues. For individuals these might include:

For organisations they might include:

I focus on leadership coaching, career development coaching, First 100 Days, and cross-cultural coaching.

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