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What’s love got to do with it?

Client A is close to burnout.  He constantly over-stretches himself to meet other people’s requests for help and for task fulfilment.  As a child, he felt neither loved nor lovable: the only way he ever felt approved of or accepted was through his intellectual ability and achievements.  Client B alienates others with her ‘honest’ but brutal and judgmental behaviour, has very high and unforgiving expectations of herself and of others, and is never satisfied with her own performance.  These behaviours are getting seriously in the way of their leadership, and they both want to understand how to manage themselves differently.  Besides the negative impact on their wellbeing, each is also damaging their career prospects.  The coaching enquiry means they each experience a freedom in an awareness that gives them choices that they hadn’t offered themselves before.  They learn, each in their own way, that there is strength and safety and a new-found sense of wellbeing in learning self-love, learning how to listen to their own needs, and self-acceptance.  Love has everything to do with it.

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