'Drop the attitude' - my article in Coaching at Work

My article ‘Drop the attitude’ has been published in the May 2018 edition of Coaching at Work.

It’s notable that, even with all the initiatives and policies that have been developed around diversity and equality, women talk as much as ever about not being acknowledged or included – and worse – by male colleagues.  Indeed such male behaviour is usually endorsed, consciously or unconsciously, by the culture of their organisations.

It seems clear that the way forward in terms of organisations is to change the culture – which courageous, confident, consistent leaders can do by breaking away from the status quo.  This takes courage and staying power: it can be a long job.

For my individual female clients a combination of coaching interventions seems to be of value.  In particular, they find that my being present and working systemically and somatically with them are especially resourcing, focusing on the systems of relationships that they’re part of, and the patterns of those systems.  Fascinatingly, male leaders whom I’ve coached in this way have also changed their approach and their strategies, enabling deeper sustained success for their organisations because their women are more engaged and more trusting.

For a copy of the article click here if you’re a subscriber to Coaching at Work, or e-mail me at lw@lindsaywittenberg.co.uk


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