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The coach's presence - and the leader's results

8th March 2013

Simply by being there, in the room with the client, as coach or therapist or consultant, we impose our ego – whether by directing the conversation via the next question we ask, offering an interpretation, offering a particular exercise or experiment, or picking up on this or that point that the client makes. In the process of building a co-created relationship, how can we not get in the client's way?

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The leader, executive coaching - and lack of ego

5th March 2013

One of the foundation stones of executive coaching is the need for the coach (and the coaching) to be ‘ego-free’ (or at least ‘ego-minimised’). If the coaching client is going to achieve meaningful and lasting results, the coach has to get out of the way: they need to open doors (and windows) but the executive’s success will be what they create for themselves.

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